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Analysis of the P3CO Framework for Federally Funded Gain of Function Research

Regulation Should Cover Non-Government Funded Research The P3CO framework was developed following a government initiated pause on Gain of Function Research of Concern, under President Obama’s administration, in 2014. From 2014-2017, the Federal Government dedicated time to developing funding policies that helped maintain Gain of Function Research while addressing biosafety hazards. While the Framework does a good job regulating government funded Gain of Function Research, it does absolutely nothing to monitor privately funded research, which is arguably even more in need of surveillance.

Since the risks of all Gain of Function Research, regardless of funding, are borne by the public at large, allowing private corporations to self-regulate is ill-advised. Especially since the majority of private companies operate on self-interest, one cannot expect them to thoroughly consider the stake the general public has in their research. It would be safer if the Federal Government, an institution designed to protect the rights of the people, was involved in overseeing all Gain of Function Research taking place within the country. This can be achieved by expanding the regulations set by the P3CO Framework to all Gain of Function Research in the United States, regardless of funding.

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