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Our Mission


   Humanity is at a turning point, where new technology regarding genome manipulation and editing is emerging at an extremely fast rate. Often so fast, public policy has difficulty keeping up. However, the decisions that are being made today not only have major effects on our lives, but they also shape science and healthcare for future generations. In short, the policies we are making now affect everyone. This means that this is a conversation for everyone, not just leader scientists and policy developers. 

   My goal is to help information regarding policy debates and issues surrounding synthetic biology to be accessible and easily understood by the majority. By providing them with relevant information on current discussions, I hope that my readers will be able to determine where they stand on these pressing policy issues. Together, we can lay the groundwork for this new era.  

About Me



Hello! I am a current junior in high school, with an interest in public policy regarding synthetic biology and genome manipulation. The field raises so many questions related to health, safety, and ethics, that it was hard for me not to develop a fascination for it.   

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